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Hieroglyphs look scary if embedded in tables with class="wikitable"
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We need to override some properties in WikiHiero's CSS.

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Raising the equally interesting point of "why does it use tables ?"

I guess some layout work can be done here.

CSS rule definitions for .wikitable and .wikitable td were beating out those for .mw-wikihiero and .mw-wikihiero td. Added !important onto them in r95340 (trunk) to force the hieroglyphic layout table's styles to have preference.

Will probably need merge to prod branches.

That table does not use the wikitable class, and the problem doesn't appear in:

  • IE 6/7/8/9
  • Firefox 7
  • Chrome 13

Looks like it may be Opera-specific style bugs? It's adding a 'border-left' into the computed styles for the <td>s but it doesn't appear anywhere in the referenced styles.

Please open a separate bug for this, since the originally-reported issues do appear to be fixed and this looks distinct.

Reverted r95340 in r107671 in favour of fix in r107669.