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Coordinate Wikimedia's participation in Google Summer of Code 2023 and Outreachy Round 26
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Before the program starts
  • Recruit organization administrators @Gopavasanth @Soda
  • Setup Zulip chat stream for GSoC 2023 and Outreachy Round 26
  • Set up a GSoC 2023 and Outreachy Round 26 page on
  • Create a Google-Summer-of-Code-2023 & Outreachy-Round-26 project tag on Phabricator
  • Sign up as a mentoring organization on Google Summer of Code and Outreachy's website
  • Recruit ideas for projects and mentors. Call for projects announcement in the following possible venues:
  • Get mentors to submit their project proposal on Outreachy's website.
  • Create a private stream on Zulip for mentors where they can ask each other questions about the program.
After the applications open
  • Promote Wikimedia's participation in GSoC and Outreachy
  • Optional: Participate in the Outreachy Twitter chat
After the application deadline
  • Start an email thread with mentors and facilitate the selection process
After the results are announced
  • Send accepted participants a congratulations email and instructions to join Zulip, community building, etc.
  • Send rejected participants an email with opportunities to stay involved Notified on Phabricator tickets.
  • Update the program page on MediaWiki with necessary information (accepted candidates, next steps, etc)
  • Organize a welcome call for mentors and interns
During the program
  • Remind students to continue working on projects and write reports.
  • Host three sessions for interns to allow space for peer-to-peer sharing.
    • Opening
    • Middle
    • Closing
  • Outreachy contract renewal.
    • Ask a tech admin in WMF to provide latest doc for generating contract request
    • Provide relevant info in the contract doc
    • Ask tech admin to enter it in Coupa for legal review
    • In the meantime obtain invoice from SFC
    • Add finance members to the Coupa request to review it and make payment
  • Organize a check-in session for mentors
After the program

Event Timeline

9 projects will be mentored by 17 individuals via the upcoming round of GSoC and Outreachy. Details about the projects are here:,

Chat channel for potential applicants (public):

Chat channel for org admins (private):

Chat channel for mentors (private):

I conducted the first check in call with the Interns on June 7th. It went very well, we got to know each other and shared much. Here's the link to what we discussed.