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WikiLove should not fail in if wgServer is protocol-relative
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As of this past weekend, WikiLove seems to be broken on and commons (probably everywhere). Everything works except the final step - redirecting the page. It just leaves the user on the page with WikiLove still open, even though the API request succeeds and returns the redirect URL.

I haven't had a chance to debug. If anyone else wants to investigate, be my guest!

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By the way, there haven't been any significant code changes in WikiLove for 2 months, so I think the problem may have been caused by something else recently deployed.

Confirmed in Chrome 13. This is pretty ugly as it may cause people to submit repeatedly.

Could not reproduce in Firefox 6.0.1 using secure.

Fixed in r98216, fix deployed.

I'm seeing this in Firefox 6.0.2 as well.

to reproduce:

  • Complete all the fields for the wikilove and click "send wikilove".

The screen then jumps to the bottom of the target talk page without the Wikilove being sent. If I scroll back up, I get the Wikilove dialog box. From here, I can keep re-sending and the same thing happens.

I am still able to see this issue (or a very similar one) on Commons, in Chrome 13.0.782 on Ubuntu 10.10.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Visit
  1. Invoke WikiLove
  1. Select baklava and enter test message
  1. Press preview
  1. Press send

Expected behavior: Message successfully posted & redirects me to section.

Actual behavior: Background remains faded. URL in address bar changes, but page does not reload and WikiLove widget remains visible at the top.

Here's the odd thing: I've not been able to reproduce this if I set &debug=true. But near as I can tell using the Chrome debugging tools, the same code Roan committed for protocol-relative URLs gets executed (just in the minified version). (I've cleared the browser cache as well, and disabled other JS gadgets.)

Now you'll have to excuse me, I've had a little bit too much baklava.

(In reply to comment #4)

Fixed in r98216, fix deployed.

That fixed it for MediaWiki 1.18+, not for 1.17. Fixed in r98340.

Confirmed fixed -- thanks Timo & Roan.