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Activating Upload Wizard Extension in
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Author: habibikoolaie

Would you please activate Upload Wizard Extension in

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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Would you please activate Upload Wizard Extension in

First blocker is only a couple of messages are translated

Please ensure the entire extension is translated at Translate Wiki, see

Also, bug 24692 prevents deployment for the moment

habibikoolaie wrote:

I've translated all the messages.
Now you can upload.
bug 24692 is not a problem, Have control of it before.

Please add a reference to community consensus for enabling this extension on

Are you sure you want this? mzn.wikipedia is a relative small wiki (10k content pages, 241 local uploads - of the latest uploads, half seem to be a copyright violation eligible for speedy deletion to, including 5 covers of Playboy Magazine). In my opinion local uploads should be highly discouraged in favour of uploading on Wikimedia Commons, where upload wizard is available.

Please reconsider this request, and instead consider closing local uploads.

mznwiki is now a commonsuploads wiki