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IP Masking: Should we show the "Show IP" button on banners
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Should the "Show IP" button be shown next to unregistered users when they show up on banners. For eg:

image.png (433×1 px, 96 KB)

Other examples:

  • TODO

(from T331008#8722204)

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Given the number of pages affected we're trying not to make custom fixes per page. If the decision was to allow it for all banners, we'd be able to make one change that would enable it on all banners (including Special:Permalink, where the yellow box occupies the same space as a banner, technically speaking). If we only wanted it on Special:Permalink we'd need to implement something custom for this page, which we should avoid unless we have to.

Thanks for the explanation Thalia. I think in this case we should show the Show IP button everywhere and as you had explained over Slack, use the rev id where its available or show the latest IP when it isn't. Better to have the IP be available where its needed than not be available on any banner.

We could file exception tasks later if we need to. What do you think @Niharika @Tchanders?

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