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Post-creation work for kcgwiktionary
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I think it would be more effective if we had "actual post creation" and "can happen anytime" tasks separated.

@Dzahn: Could you be more specific? Which subtasks are of which type, and why? And how would having multiple post-creation [parent] tasks improve things? (In other words, as is often asked around here: what problem are you trying to solve? :)

@Dcljr The problem I am trying to solve is that you can't express the correct dependencies in Phabricator.

You can't say the ticket is stalled on the wiki creation, because _some things_ don't actually have to wait for it to be created.

You also can't say that the ticket should be done before the wiki is created because _some things_ actually have to wait for the wiki to be created.

It's called "post" creation work but clearly some of it is actually "pre" creation work.

So it's not clear if this is actually a subtask or a parent task.

Then I have a subtask of this subtask.. which actually needs to wait for the wiki creation task but not for the so called "post creation" task, which means I can't easily tell when I am unblocked except by "manually" going to "parent of parent".

Hmm. I'm thinking this should be hashed out in a new task. Can you create one (with the "Wiki-Setup" tag, I assume) and be specific there about which subtasks you think belong together and what dependency structure you envision among all the different kinds of tasks?

For some additional context see T327996, where I was complaining about post-creation tasks not getting resolved in a timely manner. This may or may not be relevant to what you are proposing.

See also the script that generates these post-creation tasks. (So, maybe ping Ladsgroup in your new task?)

Yea, it's fair that I should make a new ticket or upload a patch and not comment about it on this ticket. You are right.

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