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Investigate "FAIL: arclamp_generate_svgs" alert (Beta Cluster)
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Systemd timer ran the following command:


Its return value was 1 and emitted the following output:

Generating /srv/arclamp/svgs/hourly/2023-04-28_18.excimer.all.svgz and /srv/arclamp/svgs/hourly/2023-04-28_18.excimer.all.reversed.svgz...
Auth version 1.0 requires ST_AUTH, ST_USER, and ST_KEY environment variables
to be set or overridden with -A, -U, or -K.

Auth version 2.0 requires OS_AUTH_URL, OS_USERNAME, OS_PASSWORD, and
OS_TENANT_NAME OS_TENANT_ID to be set or overridden with --os-auth-url,
--os-username, --os-password, --os-tenant-name or os-tenant-id. Note:
adding "-V 2" is necessary for this.

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Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald Transcript
Krinkle added a subscriber: aaron.

Adding back to onboarding pool, pending outcome of who will take over ownership of Arc Lamp.

There are several relevant local commits to the private puppet repo on deployment-puppetmaster04.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-releng) [2023-06-14T21:06:20Z] <Krinkle> Unroll 5 local patches for global_account_keys in deploy-puppetmaster04:/var/lib/git/labs/private.git, move to Horizon and rename to match prod. Fixes T336191.