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Growth team annual planning: Community feedback
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User story & summary:

As a the Growth team Product Manager, I want to ensure our team focuses on a project that aligns with WMF's Product & Technology OKRs and also aligns with community needs, so that the Growth team can successfully release high-impact work.

Background & research:

This task is important because our work should be guided by the needs of our community.

Acceptance Criteria:
  • Work with Growth PM to create a communication strategy for discussing Growth's annual plan hypotheses.
  • Article creation hypothesis discussion
    • Work with Ambassadors to gather Pilot wiki feedback
    • Work with Growth PM to collect English Wikipedia feedback and French Wikipedia (New Pages Patrollers, Growth mentors)
  • Community configuration hypothesis discussion (deadline for initial feedback: end of July 2023)
    • Define the questions
    • Work with Ambassadors to regarding pilot wikis
    • Collect feedback from at least two other wikis

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Trizek-WMF changed the task status from Open to In Progress.May 15 2023, 5:23 PM
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@Trizek-WMF - I figured this task was still a little too open-ended. Let's consider it complete when we finish the main two topics that need discussion:

  • Article creation hypothesis discussion
  • Community configuration hypothesis discussion
Trizek-WMF updated the task description. (Show Details)

I changed the acceptance criteria to reflect how the work is done.

Community configuration hypothesis discussion

The initial deadline for initial feedback was end of July 2023. We reached users who recently edited the Configuration page.

  • Editing is not done that often by volunteers, so we have a low response rate. Hence we extended the deadline for feedback.
  • According to one user, it seems that the default config we provide is enough.

The usual roles and processes to monitor and edit the configuration are preferred:

  • All configuration pages can be read by anyone
  • (interface-)admins can edit because they have enough knowledge
  • They can apply requests made after a discussion
  • History of requests and changes keep track of changes

This configuration page might impact a lot of users, and is to be handled with care.

  • Several ways to prevent issues were suggested:
    • the creation of a new role, for trusted admins who know what they do
    • The creation of a reviewing process to validate a change made by one admin
  • A clear and centralized history page is needed to spot any changes made on the different configurations.

No clear feedback regarding the current design

Prediction of edits: from 0 to 100/year (10 on average); one pragmatic user said “more”.

@KStoller-WMF, up to you to close this task.

Thanks, I'll add add your summary here:

And we can consider this resolved. Thanks!