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Add a pager to the top of Special:Search results
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There's currently a pager at the bottom of the Special:Search results. Other search result pages tend to have a pager at the top as well, where it's easier for the user to access.

This is a community wishlist item this year:

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Change 921518 had a related patch set uploaded (by DLynch; author: DLynch):

[mediawiki/core@master] Display result pager at top of Special:Search as well

Change 921518 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/core@master] Display result pager at top of Special:Search as well

A bit larger window for design ideas would’ve been better. I don’t like what I see on the screenshot: the pager visually belongs to the “There is a page named…” line rather than the result list, even though conceptually it’s just the other way round. It visually belongs to the above line to the extent that at first grasp it’s one visual element rather than two. Maybe simply adding a bit more margin could solve these issues, but the rush merge on a Sunday makes it unlikely that this issue will be solved before the branch cut (unless T330216 will be cancelled? The deployments calendar doesn’t contain next week yet…).

@Tacsipacsi Just adding margin makes the "related page" line look a bit disconnected:

image.png (984×1 px, 272 KB)

However, if I switch it around to be above the "related page" line it winds up looking like this:

image.png (986×1 px, 285 KB)

I think it depends on how well we think the pager winds up "binding" to the result list if it's separated from it by a few other elements.

Quiddity subscribed.

On second thoughts, I believe this small tweak probably doesn't require Tech News inclusion. It's a great small fix, but there are hundreds of those each week. Thanks for the tag, but I'll gently decline.

@Quiddity totally fine; I only asked you about it at the time because it was a wishlist item.