Apple Lossless (ALAC) audio support via TimedMediaHandler (transcode to oga)
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For uploading higher-quality audio source material, it would be nice to support open lossless formats; Apple Lossless is now available as open-source so this should be feasible:

Transcoding to our standard output formats (eg .oga Vorbis) would be useful to keep playback support consistent.

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jgerber wrote:

ffmpeg supports decoding alac for some time, so TMH transcoding would work.

To support upload without Firefogg, some way to detect if a selected .m4a file contains alac or aac would be needed. Could not find an existing implementation.

Not sure right now but I think we already have support for FLAC. Just because there is another OpenSource Codec for lossless audio storage it does not mean we have to implement it.

Kelson: How is ALAC related to FLAC? Also see comment 2.

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I'm simply mixing different stuff. Sorry :(

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