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Remove script to convert Phabricator parent project into subproject
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We added this script in T221112: Document how to convert projects into subprojects/milestones etc (sudo privileges for phab admins to run move_project script).
We should not use this script and thus should not perform this action. The script

  • does not remove parent project tag when project to convert becomes that parent project's subproject
  • has an unknown bug which makes projects inaccessible, see T177787#9023514, which also made a milestone disappear from a workboard

I don't like creating DB inconsistencies and making stuff inaccessible. Thus


ReferenceSource BranchDest BranchAuthorTitle
repos/phabricator/phabricator!18wmf/stablewmf/stableepicpupperDelete buggy script
Customize query in GitLab