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Show IP button returns to unrevealed state when updating and changing settings or filters on Recent Changes
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What is the problem?

If I click "Show IP" on Special:RecentChanges to reveal an IP address, if I

  • change settings
  • change filters
  • update (i.e. when new changes come in)

the IP address is no longer revealed.

Steps to reproduce problem
  1. Make sure IP Reveal is enabled
    1. e.g. add $wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['checkuser-temporary-account'] = true; to your LocalSettings.php, login as an admin, go to Special:Preferences and check Enable revealing IP addresses for temporary accounts)
  2. Make sure there are some recent changes by a temporary user
    1. e.g. add $wgAutoCreateTempUser['enabled'] = true; to your LocalSettings.php and make a few edits while logged out
  3. Go to Special:RecentChanges
  4. Click "Show IP"
  5. Remove one of the lozenges under "Active filters", or change the number of results to show

Expected behavior: IP you revealed in step 4 remains revealed
Observed behavior: It is no longer revealed, instead "Show IP" is shown again


Browser: Firefox 102.
Wiki(s): local docker CheckUser 2.5 (560ca5a) 01:05, 2 September 2023.


output.gif (768×1 px, 1 MB)

Event Timeline

Change #1047935 had a related patch set uploaded (by STran; author: STran):

[mediawiki/extensions/CheckUser@master] Check for recent IP reveals on wikipage content refresh

Change #1047935 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/CheckUser@master] Check for recent IP reveals on wikipage content refresh

Djackson-ctr subscribed.

I have verified the new code has been implemented and is functioning and displaying as expected:

image.png (361×1 px, 216 KB)

image.png (598×1 px, 192 KB)

image.png (605×1 px, 260 KB)

image.png (610×1 px, 323 KB)