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Review proposed Metrics Platform Event Types coverage of existing schemas
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Data Products

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This will be used to iterate on data collection capabilities for the Metrics Platform.

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Metrics Platform is requesting a review of existing schemas to determine if proposed event types adequately cover the range of possible needs. The sooner we can have this data the better as we need to confirm the correctness of the event types.

We would like to establish a cadence that works for PA so that we can have predictable turn around. We're happy to figure out some kind of timelines to ensure that everyone gets to give input but to start with some subset if that is appropriate. Whatever your guidance is we'll follow.

Acceptance Criteria
For each existing schema

  • Schema reviewed and fields mapped to proposed event types
  • If fields not covered by proposed event types, please document the field, its purpose and the schema it exists in as a comment on your individual task

Is this request urgent or time sensitive?


1-2 schemas (for time-boxing)


Due Date
Mon, Oct 2, 4:00 AM

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