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Start pulling campaign announcements from new donatewiki page.
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We have now set up a page on donatewiki that will serve as the source of campaign announcements.

We should now update our code to get our respective platform's announcements from this page.

I also created a "staging" version of the page:

...which can be used for testing and debugging purposes. The staging page is on donatewiki for now, but can be moved in the future. (The goal is not to use the "live" page for testing or experimenting with new parameters, etc.)

The specific changes to be made include:

  • When loading announcements in PageActivity, get them from the new Wiki page instead of the REST service.
  • Update (or create new) model structure to deserialize the new fundraising announcement json.
  • Add logic to consume and display the multiple languages in the announcement(s), and display the announcement in the correct language (based on the user's first selected language)

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