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Fix "max execution timeout" failures locally when applying CiviCRM Database update
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I've run into this a few times and it happened again today when reviewing a patch for Eileen. When pulling the latest down for CiviCRM and then being told by the dashboard alert popup that my database was out of date, I went through the web upgrader process, which looked like it was working fine until I hit the Max executions Timeout 30 seconds error. I then clicked what looked like the fast forward / next icon, and it picked up where it left off and seemed to complete successfully.

Let's find this stray annoying max execution time setting, which is setting it to 30 seconds locally, and set it to zero so that we don't have to worry about partial upgrades or broken db states when working locally.


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repos/releng/dev-images!61executionTimeoutmainejeggSet max_execution_timeout to 0 for fundraising images
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@Eileenmcnaughton sounds like this is on the db upgrade queue screen. Any idea if & where that 'max execution timeout' is configurable? I'm not seeing that exact string in the codebase.

That is configured in php.ini - if this is on local then we should alter our dev set up

Looks like we'd have to override it in the image:

docker@civicrm:/etc/php/7.4$ grep -r max_execution
cli/php.ini:max_execution_time = 30
apache2/php.ini:max_execution_time = 30

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