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Number of files in an inconsistent deletion state
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Author: carnildo

As of Dec 21 04:03:51 UTC, the file is in an inconsistent state:

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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tagging for platformeng to look at.

SkierRMH wrote:

Issue was discussed at
Files in question were

For my, the error received was "Last attempted database query: (SQL query hidden) - Function: LocalFileRestoreBatch::execute" - I was not able to purge the cache in two different browsers (FF & IE) and needed another sysop to complete the deletions. What appears is only the image on the page, no page history, no image history, just the most recent image.

carnildo wrote:

I've found another 130 files with this problem. Full list is at

carnildo wrote:

Added another 23, all deleted yesterday.

SkierRMH wrote:

Example of lengthy error message received when this happened:

A database error has occurred. Did you forget to run maintenance/update.php after upgrading? See:
Query: INSERT INTO image (img_name,img_size,img_width,img_height,img_metadata,img_bits,img_media_type,img_major_mime,img_minor_mime,img_description,img_user,img_user_text,img_timestamp,img_sha1) VALUES ('Henderson_county_kentucky_courthouse.jpg','624879','2048','1536','a:34:{s:16:\"ImageDescription\";s:31:\"OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA \";s:4:\"Make\";s:19:\"OLYMPUS CORPORATION\";s:5:\"Model\";s:16:\"X100,D540Z,C310Z\";s:11:\"Orientation\";i:1;s:11:\"XResolution\";s:4:\"72/1\";s:11:\"YResolution\";s:4:\"72/1\";s:14:\"ResolutionUnit\";i:2;s:8:\"Software\";s:8:\"v775u-77\";s:8:\"DateTime\";s:19:\"0000:00:00 00:00:00\";s:16:\"YCbCrPositioning\";i:2;s:12:\"ExposureTime\";s:7:\"10/3200\";s:7:\"FNumber\";s:5:\"29/10\";s:15:\"ExposureProgram\";i:2;s:15:\"ISOSpeedRatings\";i:70;s:11:\"ExifVersion\";s:4:\"0220\";s:16:\"DateTimeOriginal\";s:19:\"0000:00:00 00:00:00\";s:17:\"DateTimeDigitized\";s:19:\"0000:00:00 00:00:00\";s:22:\"CompressedBitsPerPixel\";s:3:\"2/1\";s:17:\"ExposureBiasValue\";s:4:\"0/10\";s:16:\"MaxApertureValue\";s:5:\"29/10\";s:12:\"MeteringMode\";i:5;s:11:\"LightSource\";i:0;s:5:\"Flash\";i:9;s:11:\"FocalLength\";s:5:\"58/10\";s:10:\"ColorSpace\";i:1;s:14:\"CustomRendered\";i:0;s:12:\"ExposureMode\";i:0;s:12:\"WhiteBalance\";i:0;s:16:\"DigitalZoomRatio\";s:5:\"0/100\";s:16:\"SceneCaptureType\";i:0;s:8:\"Contrast\";i:0;s:10:\"Saturation\";i:0;s:9:\"Sharpness\";i:0;s:22:\"MEDIAWIKI_EXIF_VERSION\";i:1;}','8','BITMAP','image','jpeg','[[Henderson County, Kentucky]] courthouse\n\n[[Category:Images of Henderson County, Kentucky]]','256457','Bedford','20080609174754','g7ancifc9oyy4deupk6vzau48wqihtq')
Function: LocalFileRestoreBatch::execute
Error: 1062 Duplicate entry 'Henderson_county_kentucky_courthouse.jpg' for key 'PRIMARY' (

Example in comment 0 seems to work correctly now (but I cannot check the deletion log).

Does this only refer to files on English Wikipedia, or are there also examples for "bad files" on Commons? Is there any chance

As was last updated on 28 February 2012 it would be good to know if new cases of this problem are still created or not.

carnildo wrote:

The most recent images I could find that are definitely affected are

from 17 November 2012. ImageRemovalBot identified from 6 February 2013 as problematic, but I can't verify it.

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