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Design an informative user page for Automoderator
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User story: As a Wikipedia editor, I want to understand what Automoderator is, so that I can make informed decisions about how to interact with it.

Being a system account, Automoderator will have a user page like any other Wikimedia account. Users are likely to click through to the user page to learn more about it, so this is a great opportunity for us to write informative content and provide links to other important pages (e.g. config, false positive reporting & review).

The main entry point to this page is likely to be a page history, watchlist, or the recent changes feed. Users will see Automoderator making a revert and be curious what it is - the user page is the obvious link to click to learn more.

We will initially be implementing this page manually in Wiki markup, at least to start, so the design should be relatively simple to make this process easier.

We want this page to include information and links relating to:

  • What Automoderator is
  • How to share feedback on the project as a whole
  • How to configure Automoderator (for admins)
  • How to report a false positive

Draft design

28.png (732×1 px, 65 KB)

Example user pages

Open questions

  • Should we design any graphics or logos for Automoderator to use here?
  • Can we use Codex in wiki markup?

In the future we may consider having a Special landing page instead to include richer information and data (T360127). The user page may redirect here (with the content being moved over to the Special page) or be additional.

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