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Remove themeStyles support from CodexModule
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We would like to remove support for the themeStyles feature in CodexModule, since it's duplicative of the manifest selection code in CodexModule. Right now, adding a new theme requires adding it in two places: in CodexModule's manifest selection code (which powers modules that use code splitting), and in the themeStyles property of the module definitions of things that still use it (the full-library @wikimedia/codex module, and VueTest). Removing themeStyles would centralize the theme selection in one place (CodexModule::getManifestFile()).

In order to remove themeStyles, we first need to migrate all uses of it.

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This was accidentally done as part of the change for T355842. This will break VueTest because of T355841, which may have broken Pixel -- we'll have to address that.

Looks like it's not that bad: there are no errors, the themeStyles VueTest specifies just aren't being applied. This breaks the styles for most components (see and scroll to Card or Checkbox; the Button styles are still there because the Vector search pulls them in), and as a consequence there's a lot of red on , but we weren't actively using those anyway.