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Vector 2022 appears mysteriously on Thursday
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I know the title of this report is kind of goofy, but please take a look at this enwiki VPT thread. If I've counted right, 7 different people have reported this issue over the past couple of hours, so clearly something is going on. I'm sure this will result in a phab ticket eventually, so getting a jump on that now, even if it's not well characterized.

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This smells like a server-side caching issue. If I load a page that comes up in V2022, I can usually reload it repeatedly and it's still in V2022, but if I do "Hard Reload", it seems to always go back to my normal skin.

I'm using Chrome Version 121.0.6167.184 (Official Build) (arm64) on MacOS Ventura

I don't understand why, but as I work my way through the subpages of [[Wikipedia:Featured article candidates/]] on enwiki, almost all of them come up in V2022 mode. Right now I'm looking at [[Wikipedia:Featured article candidates/Markham's storm petrel/archive2]]

Contrary to my speculation on the WP:VPT thread, this does NOT seem to depend on the state of "Enable the Edit Recovery feature" in preferences.

This is feeling more and more like a cache problem. I've now gone through several cycles of:

  • Load [[Wikipedia:Featured article candidates/Dorothy Olsen/archive1]]
  • Observe that it's in V2022
  • Do a hard reload
  • Observe that it's in my default skin
  • Wait some amount of time. Not sure how long. 10 minutes, maybe?
  • Load [[Wikipedia:Featured article candidates/Dorothy Olsen/archive1]] again
  • Observe that it's back in V2022

I am guessing this relates to trancclusion problem described in T290706

I am guessing this relates to trancclusion problem described in T290706

Is there anything that went out on Thursday that could have exacerbated this problem? I note that this bug is from late 2021, but there is quite a lot of recent discussion pointing to WP:THURSDAY on the village pump.

Noting here (since this task is linked via the discussion on wiki) that there is movement on this problem on T336504: Transcluding Special:Prefixindex can force the default skin and a mitigation was backported at 2024-02-27 10:03 UTC.

I'd be happy to update the on-wiki status message if there's something useful I could say. I've been following the gerrit updates, but I don't know enough about the deployment process to fully understand their implications. Would be be accurate to say, "A fix has been devised and is expected to be deployed this Thursday"?

The fix has actually been deployed yesterday (or this morning, depending on your time zone: T336504#9579650).