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Grant Access to nda, wmde for Frederik Ring
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  • The username of your existing account on Frederik Ring
  • Do you currently have shell access (Yes/No)? no
  • Purpose (Specify which service you need to get access to, e.g. Icinga, Grafana, Superset etc): Grafana
  • The specific LDAP group that you want to be added to (optional): wmde, nda

Event Timeline

I approve the request on WMDE's behalf.
While the account has been around for a while it seems we have failed to request account holder to sign the NDA with the WMF. Hence this request but also we in particular would like to ensure there is NDA on file. Thanks for your help

@Fring please send an email to Katie Francis (@KFrancis ) ( and she will get back to you about the NDA.

Hi All, the NDA is out for signatures. I'll confirm when it's complete.

Hi all, the NDA has been signed. Thanks!

[mwmaint1002:~] $ ldapsearch -x mail=fred*
uidNumber: 43019

Change 1007702 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dzahn; author: Dzahn):

[operations/puppet@production] admin: add Frederik Ring to LDAP_only (wmde,nda)

Change 1007702 merged by Dzahn:

[operations/puppet@production] admin: add Frederik Ring to LDAP_only (wmde,nda)

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2024-02-29T20:52:33Z] <mutante> LDAP - added uid frri (43019) to groups nda and wmde (T358584

Hi all. This is done. Frederik (frri in LDAP) has been added to the groups nda and wmde. Everything should work like for other WMDE employees.

Dzahn claimed this task.