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[Commons Impact Metrics] Create a new AQS service with all the endpoints
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This task requires that the API design is done T358679, and that the test data is in the corresponding AQS test environment T358715.
We should create a new AQS service with the endpoints defined in the API design.
Before deploying, we need T358707 to be finished!


  • Create a new repo for the service.
  • Copy paste all code from another service.
  • Modify all code to implement the new service.
  • entities
  • data layer
  • logic layer
  • handler layer
  • main
  • unit tests
  • integration tests
  • ...?
  • Make sure all tests pass
  • QA (should this be another task?)
  • Code review and deploy
  • Runbook
  • SLO

Definition of done:

  • The new service is queryable from AQS.
  • It serves Commons Impact Metrics data.

Event Timeline

@mforns please add a subtask for new service deployment and tag Data-Platform-SRE so they can prioritize the the work.

Gehel triaged this task as High priority.Mar 20 2024, 9:02 AM
mforns set the point value for this task to 34.Mar 21 2024, 2:15 PM
Gehel subscribed.

SRE specific work is tracked on T360531, removing SRE from this task.

Milimetric changed the point value for this task from 34 to 21.Thu, Apr 4, 11:11 AM

I've broken this down into subtasks but I'm keeping it as something between an epic and an actual task. It's coordinating and has all the acceptance criteria, it was just too big. So I'll leave the other two subtasks on the boards while I'm on vacation and put this in paused. This can be resumed whenever you'd like to continue work on coordinating and deployment.

Milimetric changed the point value for this task from 21 to 5.Mon, Apr 15, 4:16 PM