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Increase account creation limits on en.wikipedia and bn.wikipedia for an outreach event (Jan 25)
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Author: hisham

The local community is conducting an outreach event at Kolkata on Jan 25th. This will include an intro wikipedia, an editing workshop and hands-on basic editing. (

We are expecting about 20-40 people to attend. One of the things we'd like to do is encourage potential newbie participants to create their own usernames during the session and learn editing by trying something similar there and then.

Is there a way of removing the 7 username in a 6 hour period for the following IP address for for the duration of the workshop (Jan 25th between 0930 - 1530 UTC.)

(Workship is for 2 hours but I'm requesting 6 hours just in case we are over time or someone stays back to edit.

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Clarifying that this is for en.wikipedia and bn.wikipedia after asking in irc.

<p858snake|l> Hmundol: the wiki doesn't appear to be hosted by the foundation
<Hmundol> it's the Wikimedia India Chapter's website.
<Hmundol> it's hosted by WM-Switzerland
<p858snake|l> yes, but it doesn't appear to be hosted by the foundation (not all chapter websites are)
<p858snake|l> so we can't do site configs for them, you will need to contact your local wiki tech team
<p858snake|l> unless you want the limits raised somewhere else
<Hmundol> no, but this config setting changes are not to edit but to edit en-wp...
<Hmundol> and bengali wikipedia (bn-wp)

Thehelpfulonewiki wrote:

If this is not easily possible, do you know any administrators on the English or bn wikipedia that will be around at the event? They will be able to create the accounts logged in through their own account and send a password by email to the user accounts created - this bypasses the 6 accounts/IP/day.

They will then be able to create a global account using SUL and login to the other wikipedias (including bn and en).

Alternatively, you could request the right, which allows you to bypass the 6 users/IP/day limit too - but if you want the users to have the experience of creating their own accounts, then you need a technical change from the devs.

hisham wrote:

thanks for your suggestions. explored both. would prefer neither of these because neither allows newbies to actually create their own accounts? as i mentioned, this is an editing workshop for newbies and we will be going into some detail on how to edit, etc. it would not quite be the same thing if we create user accounts for them instead of them doing it themselves.

Roan has already done this, but must have forgot to close out the bug.

01:32 logmsgbot: catrope synchronized wmf-config/CommonSettings.php 'Add account creation throttle increase for bug 33900'

hisham wrote:

thanks! here's wishing the folks that are doing the workshops good luck!

hisham wrote:


Can someone help out urgently on this pls. The IP address is actually

Can you please do the config change for this IP address please? The workshop is actually on right now.


You should probably follow [[mw:Help:Mass account creation]] rather than relying on config changes.

Changed the IP address per comment 6.