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Recurring dlocal donations sent to Civi with no token or recur_id
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This one is a Brazil CC from the audit parser with invoice_id 204446329.2:

Started March 7

204446329.2T-648-895c9671-a30e-42d1-9660-c09c38fa6fb0Visa Debit
204454954.1T-648-d05565f9-e543-4ad3-898d-d8b1bd436888MasterCard Debit
204520976.7T-648-7e2dcd95-0790-4f0f-9f69-14d3b6932813Visa Debit
204407136.1T-648-53ca0a66-dd71-4a67-8af7-82f1273a14e4MasterCard Debit
204454954.1T-648-a1c65326-38a3-4426-b05a-2e374bacb9cfMasterCard Debit
204446329.2T-648-c3800d1a-ec81-495f-99c1-9e99220ec040Visa Debit
204407136.1T-648-cbd6b14a-d574-4508-81d4-3e4ed4587222MasterCard Debit

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suspicious they are all debit, asking payments if they have any more information

okay debit recurring is not available in Brazil even though their documentation says otherwise, requeued the damaged ones as one time and we'll need to figure out how to not allow this

The same issue is happening with Maestro recurring, Adyen has this turned off on their backend due to low success rates

Thanks for the info @Cstone. Adding folks for visibility.

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