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Stashbot seems down
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@Stashbot seems down. It didn't comment on after the backport today.

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-releng) [2024-03-26T22:55:07Z] <brennen> unclear if stashbot is working (T361073)

I suspect we have an explanation here:

16:30 <MatmaRex> hi, was there a phab upgrade recently? i noticed that some bots seem to be having problems. stashbot didn't post comments during a backport earlier, and also whatever is supposed to remove patch-for-review tags doesn't do it any more. see for an example
16:55 <brennen> !log unclear if stashbot is working (T361073)
16:55 <stashbot> Logged the message at
16:55 <stashbot> T361073: Stashbot seems down -
16:55 <brennen>
16:55 <brennen> so it's working at least _some_ of the time...
16:59 <brennen> MatmaRex: any chance the backport it didn't log for was the one that hitched along with another?
17:00 <brennen> like code got merged but wasn't mentioned in the log message from scap backport?
17:01 <MatmaRex> oh, hmm. maybe, maybe it just wasn't logged correctly

…not 100% sure though, so leaving this open for the moment just in case.

bd808 subscribed.

I see no signs of Stashbot being sad recently. I think this is the more likely explantion:

[20:27]  <logmsgbot> !log catrope@deploy1002 catrope: Backport for [[gerrit:1014456|CodexHTMLForm: Fix margins around links in login form (T360945)]] synced to the testservers (
[20:27]  < stashbot> T360945: styles: remove spacing on cdx-field links -
[20:27]  <RoanKattouw> MatmaRex: Yours accidentally hitched a ride to the test servers as well, so please test your patch
[20:27]  < MatmaRex> looking
[20:29]  <jinxer-wm> (SystemdUnitFailed) firing: (3) elasticsearch-disable-readahead.service on elastic2109:9100 - - -
[20:30]  < MatmaRex> RoanKattouw: looks good
[20:30]  tgr|away is now known as tgr
[20:30]  <RoanKattouw> Great! Mine looks good too, proceeding
[20:30]  <logmsgbot> !log catrope@deploy1002 catrope: Continuing with sync