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Upgrade CommTech owned WMCS Buster VMs
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Per the OS upgrade policy, Debian 10.x was sunset in September 2023.

Of the WMCS Projects and VMs we have, six are running Debian 10.x and require upgrading.

CommTech ProjectWMCS ProjectVM NameVM ImageTask
Popular pages botcommtechcommtech-botdebian-10.0-buster (deprecated 2019-07-29)T362281
Wikimedia OCRgoogle-api-proxygoogle-api-proxy-03debian-10.0-buster (deprecated 2019-12-15)
IA Uploadwikisourceia-upload-proddebian-10.0-buster (deprecated 2021-07-30)
IA Uploadwikisourceia-upload-testdebian-10.0-buster (deprecated 2021-07-30)
Wikimedia OCRwikisourceocr-prod01debian-10.0-buster (deprecated 2021-07-30)
Wikimedia OCRwikisourceocr-testdebian-10.0-buster (deprecated 2021-07-30)
Event Metricseventmetricseventmetrics-dev01debian-10.0-buster (deprecated 2021-03-01)T362735
Event Metricseventmetricseventmetrics-prod02debian-10.0-buster (deprecated 2019-12-15)T362735

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Hey @TheresNoTime how urgent is this ticket, and what is the effort for it? Would you consider it to be the product or engineering backlog?

How is this going? Can we update the list with what has been completed and what is still missing?

The commtech project is done. I'm 90% done with Event Metrics (T362735), which was especially difficult due to the forced PHP upgrade, but this was a convenient excuse to upgrade Symfony. I'll revisit and get that finished up soon.

google-api-proxy has a puppet role and should be relatively easy to upgrade for someone who understands puppet well enough. For past upgrades I believe I poked Bryan Davis, who authored the puppet role.

I don't know if anyone has looked into the wikisource instances yet.