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Last warning: Vector 2022 skin will soon stop loading Vector site and user scripts/styles
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This is the last warning that by the end of May 2024 the Vector 2022 skin will no longer share site scripts/styles with Vector. Action is simple - copy contents of Special:MyPage/vector.js to Special:MyPage/vector-2022.js and more detailed information is provided on

The following communities are yet to be impacted but will be by the end of May

416th Aprilbgwiki, bmwiki, dawiki, dewiktionary, elwiki, eowiki, eswiktionary, frwikiversity, hiwiki, hrwiki, mlwiki, mswiki, rowiki, skwiki, srwiki, tawikiT362701..
57th Maynlwiki,simplewiki,ptwiki,svwiki,kowiki,cswiki,hewiki,cawiki,huwiki,urwiki,idwiki,nowiki,trwiki,viwiki,dawiki: Projects with > 100 user scripts < 500T362701..
621st Mayenwiki,zhwiki,metawiki: Projects with > 500 user scriptsT362701..

Interface administrators who foresee this leading to lots of technical support questions may wish to send a mass message as was done on French Wikipedia T360384#9682806