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Create wikimania2013 wiki
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Author: Thehelpfulonewiki

Hi all, I'm helping the Hong Kong team with Wikimania setup, please create the wikimania2013 wiki, with the [[wm2013:]] interwiki prefix. There's also some basic setup that needs to take place as per wikimania2012 wiki's bug request, - See Casey's comments. Please also install the translate extension.

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yuyu wrote:

I am just here to confirm that Thehelpfulone is helping us on this general setup wiki thing :)

done. pushed out to Apaches and sync/graceful

danny.leinad wrote:

(In reply to comment #4)

done. pushed out to Apaches and sync/graceful

There is missing Wikimania logo (and probably other config specific to Wikimania wikis).

'wikimania2013wiki' => '//',

Thehelpfulonewiki wrote:

Yes the setup hasn't quite been completed yet - this is just a fresh wiki, I imagine Reedy will do it soon now that the apache has been configured. Reedy, when you have set up the wiki, please make me the initial crat (User:Thehelpfulone) so that I can give out rights to the HK team.

Thehelpfulonewiki wrote:

Thank you. :)