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ইমার ঠার/বিষ্ণুপ্রিয়া মণিপুরী is a very long name for a language
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Anytime I use a language selector in MediaWiki, the selector is absurdly wide due to the native rendering of Bishnupriya Manipuri (which renders as 27 boxes for anyone without the proper font). This breaks the normal formatting of the page in some cases. Apparently the rendering we are using is equivalent to: "My native language/Manipuri as spoken by the people in Bishnupur". The first part is not a real language name and I would like to propose that we drop it. Would any Bishnupriya Manipuri speakers have trouble recognizing বিষ্ণুপ্রিয়া মণিপুরী? Also, the rendering in English (via CLDR) is simply "Bishnupriya Manipuri", not "Imar Thar/Bishnupriya Manipuri", if that has any bearing. The place where this would actually be fixed is /languages/Names.php, line 47.

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How it looks if you don't have a font that supports the script

Please see the attached screenshot so you can get an idea of how this renders for people without a font that includes the script.


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