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MathJax treats percent sign (%) as start of a comment
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texvc translates all % to \%, but MathJax doesn't, so every formula with a % sign fails.

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Hmm texvc does that ? I'm not sure we should support it. We have been adding quite a bit of non-tex compliancy into texvc it seems. It's giving me second thoughts because it's a lot of compatibility issues that we are opening ourselves up to.

"LaTeX use the percent sign ( % ) to indicate comments; everything from % to the end of the line is ignored."

char literal special meaning (unescaped) char literal special meaning (unescaped)
% \% introduces a comment ^ \^ introduces a superscript in math mode
# \# introduces macro's formal parameters _ \_ introduces a subscript in math mode
$ \$ math-mode delimiter { \{ begin a group
& \& data separator in tables } \} end of group
~ \~ non-breakable space in text \ \backslash begins a command (Gerrit Change I0cb026d749733ed3dbba8faacb163be4438fc6bb) | change APPROVED and MERGED [by jenkins-bot]