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Impossible to step from "Upload" to "Release right"
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Author: rlevente70

UploadWizard Error

After successfull uploading some files the "Next" button does not appear.

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Hi there!

I'd love to help you, but I need some help first to determine exactly what's going on.

First, I wonder if you did anything unusual to create these images--it looks like they're just pictures, but if you generated some strange EXIF data it might be causing problems.

Second, a bunch of stuff for testing: I'd like to know what version of Firefox you're using, and whether this also happens in other browsers. If it doesn't happen in other browsers, does it happen consistently in Firefox? If it does, does it happen consistently with different files? If you're using an older version of Firefox, does upgrading fix the problem?

Thanks for your help with this, hopefully we can fix it up quickly for you!

For the record, Levente replied to me personally with the following information:

  1. Apparently no EXIF data was present in the pictures (I checked)
  1. The pictures went through upon trying again, so this is potentially a heisenbug.
  1. He's using Firefox 12.0, and doesn't use any other browsers.
  1. He only uploads JPG files, but about 15-20% of them fail in this way.

Levente, if you have the opportunity to use a different browser, I'd like you to try it out and see if the error still occurs. If this is happening in potentially 1/5 of your uploads, that's a serious problem that I cannot reproduce on my end.

Let me try using Firefox 12 on a Windows machine to reproduce the bug, I'll report back.

I tried several times with _exactly_ the files that caused the error in the screenshot, but I can't reproduce.

Levente, is there any pattern that ties together the files causing problems? Without some more hints as to how the error actually happens, I'm afraid I can't properly debug it.

rlevente70 wrote:

IMG_1206.JPG & IMG_1207.JPG

These are the original files I failed to upload 05.24.


rlevente70 wrote:

I attached the URL of the original files I failed to upload 05.24.

I have Internet Explorer 7.0 - I continue uploading with it. If there will be any problem I will inform.

Unfortunately I do not find any common property on the files which the uploading failed.

ghouston wrote:

I've seen this occasionally. I think it has only happened if I've deleted a file in the process, e.g., uploaded 2 files, deleted the last one, then upload the 2nd again. The button to go to the next step never appears. Deleting the file once again I think got the button back, but then after uploading it a 3rd time it was missing again.

OK, I've tried doing that, but I cannot reproduce on latest master. Maybe we fixed it accidentally somewhere? I don't know.

In any case, we'll call this tentatively resolved. If someone sees this happening on latest master again, feel free to reopen. Thanks to all!

I just hit this bug in Wikimedia Commons. I was able to reproduce it a second time. But when trying to list the precise steps, I no longer can.

No more than these steps seem to be needed:

  • Add several files.
  • Remove one of them.
  • Add another file.
  • Open a file choosing dialog and cancel it.

I suspect it's a timing issue.
Perhaps when you add another file while another is uploading and they both finish roughly at the same time Firefox only triggers one 'finished' event?
All the files end up with a check mark, so it does notice they are all uploaded, though.

Mark: Which specific information is needed to track this down a bit more?
It seems like there are plenty of reporters in that experience this problem and that could be asked for more information.

I encountered this yesterday (haven't seen it before or since). I tried to upload three files in a hurry and the third was taking too long so I cancelled it, and the "next" button never appeared. FWIW, I'm using Windows 7 and Google Chrome (latest version). A friend using Chrome on a Mac seems to have encountered this several times.

@Andre, not much more info is needed. We know quite well what causes this problem (bad indexing of the array of downloads + canceling/removing one of the uploads).

What is needed is someone with the time to rewrite the script, from front to end, to use a better list of downloads.

Perhaps we could add a warning that it's not advisable to cancel one of the uploads in case <whatever>, in the meanwhile?

In comment 8 I explain the steps I took. I don't think I cancelled an ongoing upload...

[I'm bumping priority as this is brought up more than once per week on . This is very visible for quite some users and completely blocks functionality of the tool.]

Maybe, I don't know the precise steps to force it.

c30443 seems to be related to the image metadata, but that hadn't been asked yet at the point of the error.

You are right, TheDJ, it is possible to reproduce this bug by removing the first file:

  • Add one file.
  • Wait until it finishes.
  • Add a second file.
  • Wait until it finishes.
  • Remove the first file.
  • Add a second file.
  • Wait until it finishes.
  • And you have no «Next» button.

(waiting is not actually required, but makes the behavior more clear)

sumanah wrote:

Ryan and Ankur, do you possibly have time to review to help fix this bug? Thanks.

Merged, still requires deploy.

This should get deployed to Commons on Wednesday (Nov. 14).

sumanah wrote:

Did this get deployed on Wednesday?

Yes, should be live now. Would someone like to try to reproduce again?

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