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thumbnail extraction for videos needs newer ffmpeg
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Author: jgerber

not sure what server is extracting thumbnails from videos right now(deployment-imagescalerXX?), in any case, that needs a new version of ffmpeg too(or run precise?).

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That was fixed by using Ubuntu precise as a job runner which is how jobrunner05 was installed.

See also:

  • bug 37043 - forward port wikimedia-* packages
  • bug 37201 - jobrunner05 (precise) does not show up in ganglia

jgerber wrote:

jobrunner is doing the transcoding but not the thumbnail extraction. i.e.

We would have to get the thumb redirected to an imagescaler using Precise.

Following j^ reopening of this bug, I have migrated the apache boxes to use Precises. Boxes are apache30 and apache31 and use Precise ffmpeg & ffmpeg2theora packages.

I believe that fixed the video thumbnailing issue: