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VisualEditor: Round-tripping of double apostrophes causes them to be interpreted as wikitext
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  1. Go to , save, then edit it with VE
  2. Insert '' in the word "link", save. diff:
  3. Edit it with VE again, select "li''nk", and make it italic, save. diff:
  4. So many unexpected quotes

Version: unspecified
Severity: critical



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Needs Triage.Nov 22 2014, 12:58 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz39058.

This is fixed in production in that it doesn't introduce the excess quotes any more, see . It still adds <span> tags though, but that's fixed on master.

On my localhost, the diff I get is as follows, and I think that's perfectly reasonable:

− '''This is a te<nowiki>''</nowiki>st page for bug 35058.'''
+ '''This is a ''te<nowiki>''</nowiki>st'' page for bug 35058.'''