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Special:EditWatchlist doesn't load, gives Fatal exception of type MWException
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2012-08-21 20:25:13: [4d848ff6] /wiki/Special:EditWatchlist Exception from line 340 of /www/w/includes/Message.php: Message::inLanguage must be passed a String or Language object; boolean given
#0 /www/w/includes/Linker.php(1589): Message->inLanguage(false)
#1 /www/w/includes/specials/SpecialEditWatchlist.php(513): Linker::tocList('?<ul>?<li class...')
#2 /www/w/includes/specials/SpecialEditWatchlist.php(113): SpecialEditWatchlist->getNormalForm()

Possibly caused by,n,z aka Gerrit change #9979 aka bug 20483 and bug 32151.
Special:EditWatchlist/raw still works.

Version: 1.20.x
Severity: critical



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Only for very small watchlists as far as I can see (probably because they don't use the newly introduced pagination?). How long is your watchlist?

#9979 was merged but reverted shortly afterwards (gerrit change 17163)
If you are working on the latest version, this fatal error is probably not related to #9979.
However, if you are working on a version before #17163 (revert) and after #9979, it may be related - in this case I can further explore it.

A new version of #9979 with some fixes is in gerrit change 17216 (not merged) and is waiting for review. Can you check whether it occur with it too?

Looks fixed in master now, with not so big watchlists (tested with 3339 items watchlist on