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Need a click-thru privacy disclaimer for Flickr uploading
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Since part of the UploadWizard flickr uploading happens on the client-side, we need to let the user know that Flickr will receive their IP address and header info. I imagine this would be a simple 'OK' or 'Cancel' dialog box that appears when someone clicks 'Add images from Flickr'.

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Erik says he would prefer a simple text notice beneath the Flickr URL field. I'll see what legal says.

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Ryan: You interpret "RESOLVED FIXED" as "a patch is in Gerrit but has not been merged yet"?

Yes. The reason is because I use Bugzilla as a to-do list. I keep saved searches for various extensions that show me all the unresolved bugs sorted by priority. This lets me quickly find bugs to work on. Such lists are not very useful if the top items are always things waiting for +2 rather than things that need actual work. If Bugzilla had a 'Waiting for Merge' status, this wouldn't be as much of an issue. Any thoughts on this?

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