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This bug tracks all bugs related to Flickr upload support for the UploadWizard.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
URL: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:UploadWizard#Enabling_Flickr_uploads


T4007: [DO NOT USE] Tracking bug [superseded by the #Tracking tag]
Blocked By
T128767: UploadWizard Flickr option fetches incorect files from a flickr album
T106269: Use {{PD-USGov-USGS}} if from USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab on Flickr
T105629: Transferring PD-images from Flickr becomes 'undefined'-license
T100540: "Get from Flickr" does nothing
T101616: Flickr upload broken (with various error messages)
T86680: sendBeacon throws an exception in Firefox when event.gif is adblocked
T67931: Flickr Upload title truncated on first occurrence of (.) character
T69584: UploadWizard: Flickr blacklist API changed somehow
T70981: Wizard refuses to upload images from flickr via http
T69298: Flickr API method=flickr.photos.licenses.getInfo requires SSL, we don't use it
T67423: UploadWizard should not use iframe transport for upload_by_url requests to the wiki-own-API (FlickrUploading)
T67406: UploadWizard: Flickr uploading broken - browser redirect the user to the result of the API request
T61921: Enabling Flickr upload shares Flickr API key with the world
T51698: When uploading from Flickr, unencrypted XHRs are sent from client to Flickr despite being on https://
T59503: Upload Wizard does not add all information from Flickr (title and link to author)
T44312: If a user's real name isn't specified in Flickr, no author is set for Flickr uploads
T44311: UW flickr uploader disappears completely upon input of invalid URL
T44310: UW flickr uploader does not extract geoinformation from Flickr images
T44307: Implement a way for admins to blacklist Flickr users
T44308: UW flickr uploader uses current time as "date created", not time as reported by Flickr
T44309: UW flickr uploader does not suggest categories
T44305: UW flickr upload doesn't recognize static flickr links
T49345: Flickr links in UploadWizard are broken (shown as raw wiki text)
T59145: Upload Wizard: "Could not understand the file name" when uploading from Flickr when filename includes [, ], (, ),
T44112: Add a Select All button for Flickr sets
T47389: UW should not try to upload Flickr videos (resulting in: "This file might be corrupt, or have the wrong extension")
T45593: Restricted content from Flickr needs authorization
T45590: Files from flickr with same filename are uploaded to same title
T45408: UploadWizard Flickr on Wikimedia Commons should use {{Flickr source}} and {{Flickr author}} templates
T41948: Flickr upload stuck in "Uploading..."
T55522: REGRESSION : Flickr upload from the UploadWizard shows file input
T45320: Upload from flickr randomly fails for some images sharing same title in a set or sequential uploads
T48559: Invalid flickr URLs pointing to "flickr.com/photos/null"
T46817: Disabling multiple file upload has no effect on flickr upload
T46735: Upload buttons shift after removing images
T44979: Upload from Flickr only fetches the first 50 items of a set
T44964: Add support for more types of Flickr URLs to UploadWizard
T44813: Descriptions and titles from Flickr should be unescaped
T46336: Wrong error message when uploading Invalid Flickr set
T44470: Need a click-thru privacy disclaimer for Flickr uploading
T44468: "http-curl-error" when uploading from Flickr from https
T44454: UW Flickr - Add another file assumes local upload
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