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Upload from flickr randomly fails for some images sharing same title in a set or sequential uploads
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Author: russavia.wikipedia

I have attempted to upload using the Flickr option in Upload Wizard and I am getting error "You are already uploading the file "Thol Lake - Gujarat, India.jpg"." Once I managed to close the pop-up warning, the wizard decides it only wishes to upload a total of 2 images from the set, even though the rest are not on Commons. This error also occurs with other sets I have tried from other flickr photographers.

Version: master
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Able to reproduce, but not sure what's going on here.

I tried to reproduce this bug on I got the error "You are already uploading the file "Thol Lake - Gujarat, India.jpg"." a lot of times all overlapped (that should be a separate bug), but after closing all those dialogs there were just 2 remaining images. My conclusion is- since all the files in this set are named the same i.e. "Thol Lake - Gujarat, India.jpg" their uploading gets cancelled and only one or two of the images gets through. However, those two still had the same name for me which doesn't make sense.

Nischay report matches my own experience (in [[bugzilla:43369]]): seems to be triggered by the fact that files from the set share the same name (which make kinda sense given the error message) ; but files that succeed in being selected may still share the same name.

  • Bug 43369 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

The results seem quite random, I think it fails less images when the computer is slow enough not to retrieve all of the images in the same moment.
For two sets of similar size, in one I got only one "You are already uploading the file" error, in another a dozen.

Note that for some reason I'm also shown the warning about really wanting to abandon the page, even though I've not tried to close anything. renames images if found with similar names.. The user already has an option to enter a reasonable name afterwards and this doesn't block him from uploading any images as with the set given above.

Doing a bunch of fixes and testing Nischay's patch. I think making the images titles be '$Title - $ID.extension' is better than '$Authoer - $ID.extenson'. Will submit a fix.

Thanks Yuvi for being the catalyst here :)

This fix has a bug. Please see inline comments at

Thanks for your work on this! Sorry I missed doing the review earlier.

Related URL: (Gerrit Change Id1b7f45f08f727a999d700863bb0830c73e389c5)

Related URL: (Gerrit Change Icae2e54866aa63531b4eef1262a0798bcc51cf8f)

Also, that fix only fixes it for photosets, not for sequential single uploads. I checked in a new fix here:

Sorry I did a separate commit, didn't know you were working on a new one at the same time :)

Hehe, that's okay. I'm testing yours now, will merge in a bit.

Reopening since I'm still seeing the issue for sequential single uploads. I see that the change fixing this has been merged and I'm pretty sure it has also been deployed.

I'm trying to upload and sequential images from the photostream

Change 103388 had a related patch set uploaded by Gergő Tisza:
Handle multiple Flickr uploads with identical title

Change 103388 merged by jenkins-bot:
Handle multiple Flickr uploads with identical title

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