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Wikisources transcluded <noinclude> tags broken in labelled section transclusions through Proofread Page
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With the upgrade to 1.20wmf5, transcluded pages that have an LST section (through Proofread Page) now do not drop the <noinclude>'d header and footer within the sections that are transcluded (starting or terminating transclusions).

Exhibit 1,_George_(1790-1853)_(DNB00)

I am guessing that it is in #LST rather than something in [[mw:Extension:Proofread Page]]. It may be the latter!

Where the transclusion is of a section within a page it works fine

Exhibit 2,_George_(1754-1808)_(DNB00)

Where there is full transclusion of consecutive pages, then the noinclude tags work as expected. See difference between exhibits 3 and 4 where I have shifted the partial transclusion to later pages and how the problem just occurs on the terminating page which has the transclusion

Exhibit 3

Exhibit 4

I would like to ask to a rollback to previous version "1.20 wmf 4" until this issue is resolved. We have probably between ten to one hundred thousand pages that will be affected by this bug at enWS, and this will be Wikisource wide

Alternatively we need to get the problem resolve really really quickly

Version: REL1_20-branch
Severity: critical



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Minimal test case:

where the first is normal transclusion, the second transclusion using

{{#lst:Page:Dictionary of National Biography volume 23.djvu/109||Gregory, James (1753-1821)}}

I'll try to create an automatic test for this, to confirm whether this regression was introduced by the recent LST changes or not.

Created attachment 11432
Parser testcase

Confirmed to be caused by See attachment for parser tests.


Fixed. Patch deployed on Wikisource. Thanks to Merlijn, demon and Rob. A purge (?action=purge) is needed in order to clean the affected pages.

Change 37313 merged by jenkins-bot:
Bug 42527 - <noinclude> tags broken in LST