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MediaWiki:Moodbar-action-item is unclear
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See URL: «what is the difference between feedback and feedback item»?

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"I think" feedback refers to the message delivered by any user where as feedback item refers to an entity, more programming in nature or UI based and is a collection of a feedback and all the detail it contains (like username,hidden,readonly,etc).
I would still wait for someone more experienced to verify this.

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Thanks! Still doesn't answer the question of «what is the difference between feedback and feedback item», though. :/

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I tried to answer on
How do you want the answer?

Ah, sorry, I wasn't sure it was still the case after two months.
I don't see much difference between "entry" and "item", but if you confirm comment 1 we can just copy it over the /qqq message at
However, I also wonder whether it's sane for such a complex concept to be exposed to the user, and the translation depends on when it's shown too: did you manage to understand where/to whom/in what cases it's used?

I don't see much difference between "entry" and "item", but if you confirm

I would wait for someone else to confirm this.

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Simplify moodbar-action-item

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Simplify moodbar-action-item