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invalid XML response ("4::olduser", "5::newuser", "6::edits" appears as node attributes)
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The following api request got invalid XML content:

After splitting the response by ">", the buggy line is ~line108, where "4::olduser", "5::newuser", "6::edits" are invalid XML attributes.

<rc type="log" ns="2" title="User:Nikolaepa78" rcid="544675367" pageid="0" revid="0" old_revid="0" user="MBisanz" oldlen="0" newlen="0" timestamp="2012-12-18T04:54:36Z" comment="WP:CHU" logid="46399621" logtype="renameuser" logaction="renameuser" 4::olduser="Nikolaepa78" 5::newuser="Rgsseht" 6::edits="2" />
109 <rc type="edit" ns="0" title="Habítame Siempre" rcid="544675366" pageid="37430287" revid="528587893" old_revid="528474089" user="" anon="" oldlen="29870" newlen="29871" ti mestamp="2012-12-18T04:54:35Z" comment="/* Weekly charts */ " />

similar bug happened before:

Version: 1.21.x
Severity: critical



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The bug also appears on

<rc type="log" ns="2" title="User:Der Kreole" rcid="86419746" pageid="4497688" revid="0" old_revid="0" user="EugeneZelenko" oldlen="0" newlen="0" timestamp="2012-12-18T15:26:07Z" comment="Request on [[Commons:Changing username]]" logid="51572035" logtype="renameuser" logaction="renameuser" 4::olduser="Der Kreole" 5::newuser="Ucevista" 6::edits="69" />

The problem is that the format of keys for log entry parameters was changed, such that we can't use them directly as XML attribute names.

Determining the best fix may require some discussion; I've posted[1] an RFC to the mediawiki-api mailing list.

[1]: will fix this particular bug.

(No. 2 of Brad Jorsch's suggestion)

It takes some time till software changes get deployed. This one will go live on January 7 on enwiki AFAIR

Resolved fixed means it's been fixed in the development version of MediaWiki. That doesn't mean Wikimedia have updated their live copy to it.

The change should be in 1.21wmf7. See for the schedule for deploying that to various wikis; it is currently scheduled for January 9 for enwiki.

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