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Enable edit links for individual sections on course pages
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Based on early feedback from users, edit links to individual sections within the "Description" portion would be very helpful.

This is especially important for cases where other content is transcluded into the course page. In that case, edit links should appear in each section and, when clicked, open the transcluded content for editing (just as they would if transcluded on a conventional wiki page).

See, for example,

That page transcludes this one:

which in turn transcludes content on subpages. Clicking edit on a section of the second page will open the particular subpage for editing. The same should be possible on course pages. (This will also, in effect, make the course pages editable by students, which is a desirable feature for many courses.)

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This is not easily feasible with the current system, but will be trivial if we switch the code to use ContentHandler.

Scrap that, it will not be trivial. It'll be more doable I suspect though.

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Extension is being removed and archived.