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setup OAI repository on beta
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The OAIRepository need to be setup on beta so lucene can request it updates.

We need an OAI mysql database and create a OAI user there. The wiki documentation should have everything covered :

The OAI password is in a puppet variable: $passwords::lucene::oai_pass which has already been populated.

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I have created the 'oai' database on deployment-sql.
A lsearch2 user is setup in the oaiuser table and uses the password from puppet $passwords::lucene::oai_pass.

I cant login with those credentials though but most of the installation is done for now.

Testing on a local apache, the setup seems to be properly working but squid eat the user authentication credentials :/

Test on apache:

curl -x localhost:80 -v -u USERNAME:PASSWORD \

Give me a nice output.

So I need to find out how to have squid pass the user credentials to the backend apaches.

Add to reconfigure squid to pass the WWW-Authentication header to the Apaches server. This is done by adding 'login=PASS' to each cache_peer directive.

Did the test, that works now !