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NewPagesFeed 'Set filters' unusable in Firefox
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the gray bar is the filters panel

Seen in FF on test2wiki as of Mar 18:

Upon clicking 'Set filters' on the page at, the panel containing the filters appears almost completely off the screen to the right of the page and cannot be dragged into view. See screen shot.

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(1 comment) [by Nischayn22] (Gerrit Change I3340b5bafe1744585ee4d500f04fc5fb250dbab0) | Patch Set 2:

That's weird. I don't understand why it would be munging the positioning in Chrome. It should be straightforward. [by Kaldari] (Gerrit Change I3340b5bafe1744585ee4d500f04fc5fb250dbab0) | Patch Set 2:

(1 comment) [by Kaldari]

Looks like this was caused by change I430fba99 to the core css buffering. Notice that the bug doesn't occur with debug=true.

Not sure if this should be a separate bug -

In Chrome "Sort by" appears to be partially cut-off from below.. I couldn't test this on core before change I430fba99 as that gives a MediaWiki Exception

Kaldari/Nischay: Is this specific issue with NewPagesFeed still an issue after the recent updates? I can reproduce right now (and I'm trying to clean up bug 46401).


(In reply to comment #9)

I can reproduce right now.

Er, can't. I can not reproduce in Fx 19 as of today.

For Ff it seems to be fixed, but not for Chrome. Still seeing the problem I mentioned in comment 8.

That's a different problem. Also mentioned in bug 46401.

Although this bug was earlier, I'm going to mark it as a duplicate of 46401 which now has the best title and information.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 46401 ***

Looks like this was a separate bug from 46401, but it's been solved with a workaround: change Ibcbef930.