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Google ignores canonical url in search results (index.php?curid=, index.php?title=, etc.)
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This was supposedly fixed (bug 16865; r45360).

And though MediaWiki is indeed outputting "noindex", Google appears to be ignoring it and as such is indexing duplicate content.

A few examples:

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What I found is that:

  • The ones from are LiquidThreads pages. LQT apparently overrides this logic from Article.php and as such is not outputting "robots => index". So those are a flaw on our end.
  • #3 has action=render. That's never supposed to be indexed (separate bug?) but the way it is used circumvents some of our deferences. #3 accesses an article by the name of "index.html",, but then overrides the curid and tacks on action=render. Basically doing:
  • #4 and #5 have an empty curid
  • #6 and #7 are more examples of this odd "index.html" title
  • #8 is like the ones on except that these are not from LQT and are actually outputting "noindex". This is the main problem.

Though it is somewhat outside the scope of this bug, I think we should:

  • Always output rel=canonical when viewing a regular page (whenever not on a Special page, not a non-View action, no diff or oldid) So any url, no matter how weirdly constructed, with:
    • /?title=
    • /w?title=
    • /w/index.php?title=
    • any of the above with curid instead of title
    • any of the above via /wiki/
    • any of the above with action=view

      Right now we're only doing rel=canonical on redirects which makes no sense to me. It is perfectly file to output rel=canonical on the canonical page itself.
  • Always output noindex when not rel=canonical but are viewing a page. Any wikipage/action=view that is not a simple view of the latest version of an article, e.g. with diff or oldid

Version: 1.20.x
Severity: normal
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Filed a separate bug for action=render, bug 63891 .

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Updating to also mention title query parameter.

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This was fixed as part of T67402.

As for the example queries in the opening post, those are irrelevant. From what I can gather, Google is well-aware of the canonical url but still allows users to find non-canonical urls if and only if their search query did not match the canonical variant of a web page.

The pages return by queries like can only be found when forcing it with inurl:curid when looking for keywords of the destination pages themselves, the canonical variant (and only the canonical variant) is shown in the search results.