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Gender aliases for namespaces are not defined for Yiddish
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Users who have defined their gender see namespace names for user and user talk pages in Hebrew instead of Yiddish. This happens because gender aliases are not defined in Yiddish and Hebrew is the fallback language.

I propose to add the following gender aliases:
$namespaceGenderAliases = array(
NS_USER => array( 'male' => 'באַניצער', 'female' => 'באַניצערין' ),
NS_USER_TALK => array( 'male' => 'באַניצער_רעדן', 'female' => 'באַניצערין_רעדן' ),

And also to add aliases to Hebrew names for backwards compatibility:
$namespaceAliases = array(
'משתמש' => NS_USER,
'שיחת_משתמש' => NS_USER_TALK,
'משתמשת' => NS_USER,
'שיחת_משתמשת' => NS_USER_TALK,

The fix is basically ready, but I need a confirmation for this change from a user who knows Yiddish.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal