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Define a process to involve the community triaging and promoting architecture RfCs
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Currently the Architecture Committee meets and decides which RfCs to poke and to schedule. They will continue to do so, but we should document a process for other community members to chime in, help triaging, and help scheduling RfCs.

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(I switched this process issue from Architecture to ArchCom)
The new RFC process document covers some of this:

5 Discuss your idea over email, in comments on the Phabricator task, on IRC, on your RFC's talk page, and audio/video/in-person. Have an email trail on wikitech-l and link to or archive any offwiki discussion in the Phabricator task.
6 When you've got received some feedback and addressed it, you can formally ask for your RFC to be considered by the Architecture committee (next section)

  • A developer can move RFC task from the blocked/stalled/draft column to "under discussion" when she believes it's ready for discussion
    • you must always accompany these board moves with a comment "I believe this RFC is ready", "I would like discussion of this in next RFC office hour", etc.

This covers "help scheduling" and a little bit of "help triage". I'm declaring victory.