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Lua table serialization (dumping contents of a table) is really painful/annoying
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I'm trying to debug a Lua module. Here's my test input:

function test(frame)
local t = {}
t[1] = 2
return t


This input returns the string "table". This is really unhelpful and very annoying. I want to dump the table. The string "table" provides almost no value to me at all.

It would be very helpful to have a function that can print something similar to this:


t = { 1 = 2 }

Looking around the Web, it seems that this is a fairly common issue in Lua:

I'd like for there to be a built-in function (similar to print_r or var_dump in PHP or the print statement in Python 2) that allows easy dumping/printing/serialization of a Lua table for debugging purposes.

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