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redirects to course pages act as soft redirects
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Per the fix of bug 44490, redirects to course pages act like soft redirects instead of sending the user directly to the target page.

(Just filing this to make sure we get to it after the switch to ContentHandler.)

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Just a note about the significance of this -- to an experienced wiki user it may seem like no big deal, but for a student engaging with new software, every confusing new screen is a barrier to entry. Looking forward to being able to use a redirect in Wikipedia!

Adding a note for anybody else following this, since Legotkm helped me understand better what's going on here. ContentHandler is active on Wikimedia projects; the switch Sage refers to above is rewriting the Education Program extension (which was originally written before ContentHandler) to use ContentHandler. (If there are active plans for doing that, it would be nice if somebody could note that here too.)

The current plans for the extension are here:

In short, the plan is -- rather than rewriting the current extension to use ContentHandler -- to begin replacing it piece by piece with more general tools that can be used by course pages as well other things.

If you want keep up with how things are going with the extension, you can watch that page, and you can also sign up for occasional announcements about new features and fixes:

Hello. I wanted to note that I came here looking for a way to make a hard redirect and I see that a year ago someone had plans to address this, but still it is not clear to me what is done or being done.

I do not care about the mechanism but I want the benefits of getting a hard redirect to course pages.

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Extension is being removed and archived.