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Completion bar not reflecting actual completion with tux=1
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The progress bar floating at the lower edge of the window on translation pages of translatable pages does not reflect the current progress. I have completed the translation of all messages of the translatable page [[WikiData:Communit Portal]] in the WikiData wiki, and the progress bar still shows something like 95% or 96% done (It's a pity, btw. that it does not convey real information in addition, such as 777 of 888 messages done, which would easily fit underneath the progress bar, the meaning of which has to be guessed by novice users anyways)

I tried every possible way that I could imagine in order to find the untranslated messages, but the wiki would me not show any, so I believe, the progress bar is incorrect. This may be, of course, a caching issue, if the progress bar image is always referred to under the same name but is altered server side. I wish, I would have been able to check this but it is not possible because the image is not part of the ordinary HTML of the page but rather part of some script, which in my perception is neither necessary not a good idea.

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The bar is lagging behind on WMF at the moment.

You didn't find the image because there is no image. It's just html and css manipulated by javascript for updates.

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The bar is lagging behind on WMF at the moment.

Nikerabbit> [this and bug 46716] probably have the same cause

(In reply to comment #4) might have been improved this bug
and similar ones.