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[IE9] "Add links" missing for pages with no language links
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enwiki vs. beta labs page with no language links showing "Add links" missing

Page on beta with no language links should show "Add links" but does not.
See screen shot.

This seems to have happened recently, we saw this working correctly at the Hackathon in Amsterdam.

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add_links_missing.png (691×619 px, 108 KB)



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wait, it works fine for me. You need to be logged in to get the "add links". The widget requires the user to be logged in on Wikidata and the client "Wikipedia".

Can you give me an example that does not work? "Think Like a Cat" works for me.

The lack of the "Add links" caused a failure of a browser test where it was known that the browser was properly logged in.

Might be a race condition though, I'll check a little further, thanks.

the link is added with javascript. could it be a timing issue with the tests?

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Add links missing in IE9 view

This screen shot definitely shows "Add links" missing for a logged-in user on a page with no language links in IE9.


ie9_add_links_missing1.png (589×696 px, 136 KB)

  • Bug 49243 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

We supposedly "broke" this with as the widget doesn't work with these old browsers. If you still got it to work in IE9 (in production, not on labs), please let me/ us know so that we can put in a work around, but for me it never worked in IE9.

The problem is still present.

(In reply to comment #8)

The problem is still present.

Of course it is, as this bug is marked as WONTFIX.
We can't really fix this as Internet Explorer 9 (and older versions) don't support the technologies the "Add links" widget requires. (See #7)

I see. But I still think that there should be some workaround for this. There are a lot of people (not including me btw.) that are using for example IE9 and are now not able to add links to articles.

Moving bug under 'MediaWiki extensions' > Wikibase