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"(thank)" is shown if JS is disabled, but it's a broken link
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Author: 7rt1j

MediaWiki 1.22wmf5, Extension:Thanks 1.0.0

(This started as a discussion at

The Thanks feature currently requires JavaScript. However, the "(thank)" link is still displayed when JavaScript is disabled or the browser does not support it. The link is not functional – nothing happens upon clicking it. This can be confusing to users, and is just useless clutter without JavaScript.

Either the "(thank)" link should be hidden from non-JS users, or it should do something when clicked.

I wouldn't have thought this to be too difficult to do without JS: The link target could go to somewhere like /w/index.php?title=Special:Thanks&oldid=REVISION&token=TOKEN, which would show a message such as "Your thanks have been sent to USERNAME.". It's a little clunkier than with JavaScript since it takes you away from the history page, but it's better than a link that does nothing.

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Good catch. We'll probably just want to not show the Thank link for non-JS users.

Created attachment 13147
Thanks link hidden with CSS but leaving dangling pipe

Hiding just the link is simple, and I'll submit a patch to do that for the interim.

The problem, as shown in the image, is there's also a pipe separator (with no good selector), added server-side by MW core. That can't be hidden easily with CSS.

The patch (with the dangling pipe) is still probably worth merging in the interim, but the best approaches are probably either:

  1. Supporting thanking without JavaScript (as suggested in the report).
  2. Generate the thank link with JavaScript


Thanks_without_JavaScript.png (24×263 px, 3 KB)

Change 80336 had a related patch set uploaded by Mattflaschen:
Hide thank link when there is no JavaScript

It shows empty parentheses instead of the pipe for the diff page.

Agree with PartTimeGnome: a static non-JS link should work, as "mark as patrolled" and "watch this page" do.

Change 80336 is a provisional patch and could be avoided.

Change 80336 abandoned by Mattflaschen:
Hide thank link when there is no JavaScript

This isn't really a solution due to the dangling pipe/paren issue.

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Change 91549 had a related patch set uploaded by Legoktm:
Add Special:Thanks as a non-JS fallback

Change 91549 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add Special:Thanks as a non-JS fallback